Ladies and Gentlemen 

We work very hard at the studio to be creative, unique, and a little off beat from the regular main stream fashion you see on every corner. 

With that being said, we've had to take our business ventures a little further to help secure our brand. 

We love that you love our designs but we ask that you not copy or recreate our items. We adk that you do not take our photos from this website and use them on your own without our permissions.

LipstickChristian, Texas Hair Don't Care, I Love Jesus But I Will Flip A Table

are all registered trademarks of Melissa Ebner/ Borrowed Blessings LLC 

I encourage you to search your mind and JUST BE YOU! CREATE not Imitate. 

I'm pretty fierce at supporting small businesses so if there is ever any project that you might need some creative help on design wise and would like to ask me just email me and I will see what's upstairs. I love to collaborate and listen.

- Melissa Ebner